Star Wars: Episode I Racer soars onto GOG

Star Wars Day is this Friday. And while that normally prompts a grumble from me about being force-fed dodgy date-related puns on social media, I'd much rather talk about how GOG has added 1999's Star Wars Episode I: Racer to its storefront. It's live now alongside a pretty comprehensive Star Wars sale.   

Which is great news. Particularly given the fact Star Wars Episode I: Racer was, before now, GOG's most requested SW game on its Community Wishlist. On a personal level, I've many fond memories of careering around foreign planets in pods to the tune of LucasArts' wonderful orchestral soundtrack—all the while assuring my mates that, yes, this was much more entertaining than Wipeout 3. 

With a limited-time 14 percent discount, Star Wars Episode I: Racer costs £6.09/$8.49. 

From now through next week, GOG is also discounting the likes of Knights of the Old Republic (£2.39/$3.39), TIE Fighter Special Edition (£2.89/$3.99), X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (£2.89/$3.99), and the 2005-variation of Battlefront 2 (£2.39/$3.39). Moreover, both Lego Star Wars—The Complete Saga, and Lego Star Wars 3—The Clone Wars are both on sale for £5.99/$8.47 each.

Check out GOG's May the 4th Sale in full over here.   

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