Star Wars: Battlefront won't support splitscreen play on PC

Star Wars Battlefront 4K

Star Wars: Battlefront will support couch cooperative play on Xbox One and PS4 but not on PC, a new FAQ notes. This applies to the Missions mode, which is the game's non-competitive component playable both offline or online with friends. No reason is given for the lack of support on PC, though Battlefront community manager Mathew Everett did provide some other details on the game.

In the Walker Assault mode, vehicles will be accessible via collectibles scattered throughout the maps: activate them and you'll automatically spawn inside. Meanwhile, Y-wings will not be playable, while Missions will not contribute to your multiplayer progression, though credit rewards can be obtained.

Lack of splitscreen on PC is a bummer, though. Remember when Resident Evil: Revelations 2 tried to pull that? I've reached out to an EA rep for some more details on the omission.

Shaun Prescott

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