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Star Wars: Battlefront revealed on Friday, Stormtrooper now

Stormtrooper by EA. Gungan interloper PC Gamer's own.

Stormtrooper by EA. Gungan interloper PC Gamer's own.

Electronic Arts has been teasing Star Wars: Battlefront, somewhat painstakingly, by posting segments of a mystery image over on the official EA Star Wars Instagram account. In truth, it wasn't much of a mystery at all, nor a surprise when it all came together as a stormtrooper. But one part (the top left) is yet to be revealed! What could it be? Our artist's impression above surely provides the answer.

Less important than "it's a stormtrooper, you idiots" however, is, "it's Star Wars: Battlefront," which will be revealed to the world for the first time during the EA panel at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration. We already knew that, but now we also have some specifics: The panel will take place on April 17, from 10:30 to 11:30 am PDT, and according to MP1ST will be livestreamed globally.

And there may actually be more than meets the eye to that Instagram image, too. That it was a stormtrooper was almost immediately obvious, but Star Wars: Battlefront Community Manager Vincent V. Vukovic hinted on Twitter that there's something else going on. "Yes, it's an in-game asset rendered for the reveal, but you should dig deeper," he said in response to a guess about what the image would be. The trooper clearly isn't a "standard model," either; the scuba mask and Road Warrior-style shoulder pad set him apart as a specialist, but I'm not enough of a Star Wars guy to know what that specialism might entail.

Here's the full and proper image posted on Instagram, without Tyler's fantastic Photoshop enhancement (which I think we can all agree makes it much better). Any ideas?

Battlefront teaser

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