Star Trek's USS Voyager recreated in Minecraft


After seeing practically everything humanity has ever conceived ( fictional or otherwise ) recreated in Minecraft's big blocky world, the only surprise about seeing a recreation of Star Trek's USS Voyager is that it took this long for it to happen.

Reddit user Maravrin took the original deck plans, re-sized things to scale, and layered each deck as he built the ship. Do you like massive shuttle bays? Check. Glowing warp cores? You got it. Hydroponic farms? No? Well too bad, because that's in there too. Maravrin admits to building the Next Generation version of the Holodeck rather than Voyager's. Presumably because of the classic episode where The Next Generation parodies “A Fistful of Dollars” and Data becomes 90 percent of the characters. Again, Presumably.

Those eager to download the world will have to wait a little while, as Maravrin wants to put the finishing touches on a few things before providing a link. Considering the amount of time it probably took to recreate a starship of that size, I'd say that's a reasonable request. We can just burn some time in the perfectly safe holodeck, where nothing ever goes wrong ever.