BioShock Infinite's Columbia re-created in Minecraft

Given that Minecraft's engine has kept everything except sand and gravel suspended at a fixed height with Lutece fields since long before we knew what they were, it has served as a natural and inevitable stage for one fan's re-creation of BioShock Infinite's moralist anti-utopia. The artist goes by Tiresh on Planet Minecraft , and has already painstakingly replicated some of the game's most detailed and iconic areas. The project page includes a video walkthrough of the map.

Above, you can see the especially impressive Battleship Bay. Especially impressive, that is, considering Minecraft water doesn't behave like our Earth water, and yet the depiction in this blocky alternate universe almost looks ripped from a screenshot. We've included a couple more examples to tease you with below. You can check out the full gallery on imgur to see what is done so far. We're trying to get a hold of a downloadable version of the map, and will update this post if we do.