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Star Citizen raises more than $1 million in four days following alpha 3.3 test release

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Star Citizen (opens in new tab) may not have a release date, but fans are still throwing money at it. In the four days after developer Cloud Imperium Games pushed alpha 3.3 (opens in new tab) to public test servers, marking the start of fan convention CitizenCon, it raised more than $1 million, which is nearly as much as it pulls in during some entire months. 

On Wednesday, when another star-studded trailer (opens in new tab) for singleplayer spin-off Squadron 42 was unveiled, the game received nearly $380,000, according to its live funding tracker (opens in new tab). Fans backed it for a further $325,000 on Thursday, and roughly $190,000 on each of Friday and Saturday. To put that in perspective, it raised a total of $171,582 in the previous week.

That brings total crowdfunding to more than $195 million, and it could well hit the $200 million mark before the end of the year.

The day before the trailer, Cloud Imperium released alpha 3.3 into the Public Test Universe. The update lets players use their webcam and microphone to map both their voice and facial expressions onto their in-game character (opens in new tab). It also added a bunch of ships, including the Anvil Valkyrie dropship, which will cost you a whopping $330 (opens in new tab). You can also buy a $700 version that has some very expensive bells and whistles. 

Cloud Imperium has promised to publish a "full roadmap to Squadron 42’s release" in December, so it won't be long until we know when the game is finally coming out.

Lastly, the keynote presentation at CitizenCon included more than an hour of gameplay that you can watch here (opens in new tab).

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