Star Citizen raises $9 million through crowdfunding


The year is 2053; the world is on the brink of financial and social collapse. It started innocuously enough. Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' multiplayer space sim - took to Kickstarter, making a healthy $2,000,000 from backer pledges. But the money kept pouring in through the game's website at Roberts Space Industries . By the end of April 2013, Star Citizen had raised a staggering total of $9,062,402.

"Great," we collectively thought, "$9 million is enough money to make a really good space game." But it didn't stop. People kept throwing money at the chance to trade, smuggle, pirate, bounty hunt, and battle throughout a universe-sized sandbox of spaceships. The stock markets tanked, countries collapsed, the team at Cloud Imperium Games were cloned multiple times to keep up with their increasingly ludicrous development promises. On the plus side, we do have a really good space game.


Well that was weird. Anyway, Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts' Star Citizen has now raised over $9 million through crowdfunding.

To find out why that's good news, and almost definitely not the precursor to the eventual downfall of Earth civilisation, check out our recent interview with Roberts .

Thanks, Gamespot .

Phil Savage

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