Stanley Parable co-creator teases incoming game

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Crows Crows Crows

How do you move on from a game like The Stanley Parable (opens in new tab)? It's hard not to typecast indie devs who suddenly find a breakout game to their name, but Stanley co-creator William Pugh's new studio, Crows Crows Crows, looks to have something... different in the works. Different how I couldn't tell you.

So far we have a mysterious countdown page (opens in new tab) and a series of teasers (opens in new tab) bearing the brand of the Mayflower Networking System that appear to form part of an ongoing ARG that has Reddit stumped (opens in new tab). "Stop opening boxes of birds in the corridors" is my favourite quote from the latter. The game seems to revolve around some sort of production: there are plentiful references to sets and catwalks and pyrotechnics accompanied by more fantastic hints at "Peculiar Disappearances Across Europe (opens in new tab)" and "Lunar Lighting". Stranger still, British comedian Simon Amstell is somehow involved.

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So no, I'm not brave enough to offer a theory.

I'm excited by the idea of games as short, self-contained stories—games that are many and varied, because I'm greedy like that—so I find myself hoping that this 20-minute mystery project scratches an itch people didn't know they had.