STALKER Misery mod 2.0 video shows a post-apocalyptic afternoon, inventory menus

STALKER Misery mod

Released last January, the first version of the Misery overhaul mod for STALKER: Call of Pripyat turned up the realism of GSC's survival-horror shooter and sent the Zone's deadliness into overdrive. The modding team's efforts left a strong glimmer in the gas-masked eyes of the STALKER community, and the upcoming 2.0 update promises additional visual boosts, new weapons, items, music, AI tweaks, and far more features listed at length on the mod's website.

The team's latest teaser trailer doesn't show much—just a few abandoned buildings, a quick glimpse of the inventory system, and the tinkling of wind-chimes in the background—but it definitely proves the longevity of STALKER's visual chops at the hands of ambitious modders. Misery 2.0 doesn't have a solid release date yet, and the team is focusing on testing the remaining few improvements and features before launching.

Omri Petitte

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