Stadiums come to Cities: Skylines in free "Match Day" DLC

Paradox Interactive has released a new bit of free Cities: Skylines DLC called Match Day that enables digital mayors to build a football stadium in their cities, attract a team, and then deal with the consequences: The ticket income is sweet, but traffic on game day can be a real headache. The DLC also adds new stadium-related policies, and there's a new hat (and new chirps) for Chirper, too. 

The DLC comes alongside a small update that makes a handful of relatively minor fixes and tweaks to the game—lowering the amount of power that Solar Plants produce during the night, for instance, and setting snowplow blades to face in the proper direction when using left-hand traffic—and also adds five in-game items that had previously been available only to those who had preordered the game: the Carousel, Dog Park, Bouncy Castle, Basketball Court, and Botanical Garden. 

The Match Day DLC is live now on Steam, and you can see the full patch notes on the Paradox forums. You can also, since you're here, feast your eyes on a stunning, 50,000-building Cities: Skylines recreation of the city of Seattle, or if you're in the mood for something different, watch 200,000 innocent people get swept away in a deluge of liquid poop.

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Andy Chalk

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