See a city of 200,000 swept away by sewage in Cities: Skylines

40 Citiesskylines

Scientists use simulations to answer the universe's big questions. Questions like, what would happen if you removed the ladder from a swimming pool containing a family of four? How does spending 210 days on the same ride affect the average theme park visitor? Would the M1 motorway be improved by jackknifing a lorry full of yoghurt at 50mph? YouTuber and deep thinker flawless128 has continued this noble tradition in Cities: Skylines, asking how a town of 200,000 people fares when hit by a sewage tsunami, or sewagenami.

As you can see, living conditions take a hit, parks are likely to remain closed for some time, and slip roads become skid roads. That, and everyone's dead. Good work, chap; get this peer reviewed pronto.