Squash a giant robot spider in Warframe's new update

The latest update for Warframe, The Profit-Taker, is out on PC now, sending Tenno on a mission to destroy the titular Profit-Taker. It’s not the most ominous name, but it looks a lot more threatening. It’s a giant robot spider, an Orb Mother, and it has many lasers. Killing is going to take some work. Take a gander at the trailer above. 

It might be an assassination mission, but it’s being framed like a bit like a heist, which I am very down for. Before battering this big spider, you’ll need to find its weaknesses and get help from Solaris United. The good news is that you’ll be able to use your biggest, baddest guns: Archweapons. With the Gravimag, you can make them work even when you’re not in space. 

There’s more beyond squashing a spider. The Corpus are hunting Vallis’ animals, but you can save them with three new lures, netting yourself some new cuddly toys for your trouble. They’re extremely adorable. 

You can take a new Warframe for a spin, too. Baruuk is a pacifist, but he gets mad, and when he gets mad, bones get broken. When he loses his cool, he can unleash the Serene Storm, smacking enemies around with a relentless barrage of punches and kicks. 

He's definitely on my radar, but the list of Warframes I still have my eye on is absurdly large. I teamed up with someone using Hydroid a wee while ago and thought he looked like such a hoot that I bought him immediately. We're not clicking quite yet, unfortunately, so I'd quite like to spend more time figuring him out before I start playing with new toys. 

Elsewhere, there are Operator upgrades, several new mods, new gear for your Warframes and more. Check out the patch notes here

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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