The next Warframe is a furious, punchy monk

The newest Warframe poised to join the titular game’s roster is Baruuk, shown off recently by Digital Extremes. Baruuk doesn’t really like fighting, but it's a bad idea to piss him off. When he gets pushed too far, he unleashes the power bottled up inside him and, as the devs explain, “kicks ass”. You can see his flashy abilities in the latest developer stream

Baruuk’s restraint is represented by his Edge resource. As he murders his way through armies of enemies, he builds it up until he’s pushed to his limit, at which time he can use his ultimate ability, Savage. Using Savage drains his Edge but activates a fist exalted weapon that has a bunch of special combos with handy powers, including a block combo that drags enemies towards him.

Other abilities build up Edge. Elude, his first ability, makes Baruuk phase in and out of reality—very fancy—so bullets pass right through him. Not only does it build up Edge, it also becomes increasingly powerful the more Edge you have. Sedative, meanwhile, makes enemies surrounding Baruuk take a nap, while Subdue disarms enemies and does a little bit of damage. 

Sedative and Subdue sound especially helpful, particularly for groups. While enemies are sleeping, for instance, they take extra damage from finishers, allowing the team to quickly take them all out. The effect lingers, too, so enemies walking into the area just after you use the ability will still get sleepy. There’s a lot going on with each ability—they’ve all got secondary effects and tricks.

Baruuk’s not available yet, but you’ll be able to start hunting down parts for the new Warframe in the next Fortuna update. 

Cheers, PCGamesN.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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