Fall Guys turns Spelunky Guy into a terrifying bean tomorrow

Fall Guys will let you stumble through the jungle with friends tomorrow, as squads arrive in Season 5's jungle adventure.

Debuting via a community-solved jigsaw puzzle last week, the next season of Mediatonic's bean-stumbler was fully explored in a lengthy reveal trailer earlier today. One of the biggest features coming with Season 5 is the introduction of squads, which will let you jump into the game with three friends—though Mediatonic also wants to experiment with limited-time duos and trios modes.

Season 5 also introduces 6 new rounds, sporting a more naturalistic jungle environment with challenges involving swinging logs and jumping across Lilly pads to a drum beat. A new final round, Lost Temple, is described by Mediatonic as the game's "most ambitious round to date", a proper Indiana Jones-style gauntlet set inside an ever-shifting temple.

Naturally, a new season also brings a new host of cosmetics. To fit the theme, you'll be able to dress your beans up as wild animals, colonial explorers and swashbuckling pirates, though it also looks like the Spelunky guy will be popping in as a special guest outfit.

It's not the first time another game character has made an appearance in Fall Guys. But it is somewhat less upsetting than Nier: Automata's 2B getting a bean-shaped makeover.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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