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Squad marches onto Kickstarter


Squad is a name so generic that—despite the fact we've covered the game multiple times before—I feel the need to explain exactly what it is every time I post about it. It's a standalone team-based FPS being made by the developers of the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality. Given the quality and popularity of that mod, the hope is that Offworld Industries can deliver something special even without DICE's groundwork.

The community seems convinced that's the case, as, only a day into Squad's Kickstarter campaign, the game has raised over $79,000 CAD. It's well on the way to the goal of $184,000 CAD.

For more on what Squad has planned, check out this Kickstarter pitch video.

There are stretch goals, too. Everything from new factions, such as the British and Russian armed forces, to a selection of new and remade maps.

For more details and a full round-up of planned features, head over to the Squad Kickstarter page.

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