Sportsfriends reaches Kickstarter target in final hours

After weeks of struggling to raise the needed $150,000, innovative indie compilation SPORTSFRIENDS has crept over its Kickstarter funding target with hours to spare. That means the collection of quirky competitive local multiplayer games will be making their way to PC (*mumble* and PS3) for public consumption.

The project includes J.S. Joust, a screenless party game in which players must protect their PS Move controllers from being jostled; Super Pole Riders, an updated version of Bennett "Jerk Who Made QWOP" Foddy's two player browser game ; Barabariball, a lo-fi cross between Super Smash Bros and netball; and Hokra, a "minimalist digital sports game".

It's been a fantastic final push, achieving over half of its total in the final week. In fact, as of yesterday, it was still short around $20k.

There are now three hours left before the Kickstarter deadline. Which is probably a bit late for stretch goals.

Phil Savage

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