Splitgate's newest map is an homage to the Unreal Tournament classic Facing Worlds

Splitgate, the underrated arena FPS that's basically Halo if everyone carried around a portal gun, is in the middle of a total refresh. Not only is it coming to consoles with full crossplay support in July, but three new maps are on the way, one of which will look especially interesting to classic Unreal Tournament fans.

We have an extensive look at those three maps in a new showcase video from 1047 Games above, including a peek at the game's updated graphical pass (lots of pretty lighting). If you're more of a reader, here's a quick rundown of all three maps coming in the July 27 update:

  • Foregone Destruction: An homage to the Unreal Tournament map Facing Worlds with opposing temples facing each other
  • Crag: A dingy, multi-level excavation site with wide sightlines up top and dense corridors below
  • Impact: A repurposed farm centered around a prominent alien ship with its own interior

I haven't spent much time with Unreal Tournament, but I can see why Splitgate chose Facing Worlds to base Foregone Destruction on. As Andy wrote about last year, the simplicity of two mirrored structures opposing each other is compelling in a pure arena FPS. Splitgate's reimagining appears to trade Facing World's rocky bridges for the game's signature portal walls in a smaller layout. The placement of the portal walls stands out here: it seems like no matter where you're looking, there's a clear path to near-instant flanks to the opposite temple. You can probably expect to find sniper rifle pickups in either tower as well.

Crag and Impact, on the other hand, feel distinctly more Halo to my eye. Shotguns play very well with Splitgate's portal-enhanced mobility, so I'm especially excited to bum around the depths of Crag while the snipers duke it out above.

Splitgate is free-to-play right now, though this July 27 update sounds like a pretty great time to jump in if it's been flying under your radar. That's when it's getting these new maps, new look, updated animations, cosmetics, and loadouts. And not to mention crossplay, which will flip on when the console beta starts July 13.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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