Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer features problematic interpretation of the word 'freedom'

Sam Fisher is a new man, with a new voice actor, a new set of goggles, a new skintight stealth suit, a new plane, and a new remit to prevent international terror crime by doing international freedom crime all over the world.

The latest trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist shows off a bit of traditional snake-camera-through-a-door action and a spot of Sam Fisher action gymnastics, mixed in with a helping of the now series-staple torture sequence. Remember: those million-dollar goggles aren't just for looking through! They're also for headbutting.

It also seems that someone in Splinter Cell's past was very sure that Hilary Clinton was going to get the Democratic nomination and win the 2008 election. Join us in 2016, when the role of Fictional Spy President will be played by a former Massachussets governor whose interpretation of 'action gymnastics' is 'putting his entire foot in his mouth'.

Check out the Splinter Cell: Blacklist E3 videos for more on the game. It's due out early next year - March 29th, if retailer Amazon is to be believed .

Chris Thursten

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