Spiritfarer shows off its playful platforming in a new teaser

Thunder Lotus Games has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming boat-life simulator Spiritfarer and it looks as charming than ever. The teaser shows more character activities, serene locations, and a whole lot of platforming. Check out the trailer above for your daily dose of wholesomeness.

Spiritfarer lets you play as an upbeat ferry master helping spirits pass into the afterlife, and the new trailer showcases more of what you'll be getting up to on the boat. A lot of your time in Spiritfarer will be spent making sure the residents of your vessel are comfortable and happy until it's their time to leave. Until then you can hang out with them, like playing the sitar with Summer the snake or helping the elderly hedgehog Alice with her chores on dry land. The trailer also teases two new residents: a cute talking mushroom and a majestic-looking lion. 

The ferry will be making voyages to all kinds of different places, and it looks like there'll be a fair bit of platforming involved. You'll be bouncing, gliding, tumbling, and zip-lining all over the place. You can also bust out these moves on your own ship for timed events like chasing what looks like glowing sprites all around your boat.

Thunder Lotus has also announced that Spiritfarer will be released on Google Stadia and the Epic Games Store, joining the Steam, GOG, and console line up. There's still no release date, but the studio is still sticking to a 2020 launch window, so hopefully we won't have to wait too long. For now, you can read our Spiritfarer impressions from PAX West and the Steam Game Festival's Spiritfarer demo.

Rachel Watts

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