Spend a moment in time with this Jagged Alliance: Flashback diorama

Museums like to use the phrase "frozen in time" to describe dinosaur bones and stuffed dead things, but in the case of Jagged Alliance: Flashback, the term's not a euphemism from "dead." Far from it! The gang behind the still-running Kickstarter have released what they call a "gameplay scene"—imagine you've hit a pause button mid-battle, enabling you to explore the scene without fear of getting pulverized. And if movement's not your thing, there are some handy screenshots available as well.

Danish indie studio Full Control released the downloadable jungle scene to give gamers a sense of the style they're aiming for in their "reset" of the cult, turn-based, cold-war-era franchise, though currently being in pre-production, we should keep in mind that that might change during development.

"We have been influenced by games such as Dishonored that oozed dirty, dark and filthy visuals without succumbing to photorealistic textures," says Jesper Andersen, concept artist. "With Flashback we want to combine a realistic approach with strong colors to stand out from the masses."

What do you think? I'm really digging the color palette and painterly art style, which reminds me a little of Love . Both the game and the emotion.

The Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter is still plodding along, with five days to go and a little over $233,000 out of the $350,000 goal raised. It looks as though it might be a tight campaign; if you're wondering whether to throw in a couple of bucks, you can check out the PC , Mac , and Linux builds of the diorama.