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SpellForce 3 coming 2016, here are a few new details

SpellForce is that series that mixes RPG and RTS mechanics—you know, the one with the scantily clad sorceresses on the box art. Sure, other real-time strategy games have added roleplaying elements in more recent years—notably Dawn of War 2—but SpellForce has been doing it for ages. After two main entries and a few expansion packs, publisher Nordic Games is nearly ready to unleash the third. SpellForce 3 will be out this year, if the newly minted Steam page is accurate.

There aren't many other details on that Steam page, but it mentions that SpellForce will take place before the first two games, and that it supposedly won't require you to have played them to enjoy it. However, "fans will still find a lot of interesting connections" in the 30+ hour-long single-player campaign.

Searching around the net a bit, I've seen reports that the game will do away with global resources, meaning you'll need to physically transport goods between points on the map. You'll be able to play as Humans, Orcs and Elves here, with each race coming with their own special units.

SpellForce 3 is coming sometime this year, and Grimlore Games is handling development duties—an in-house Nordic Games development studio. (Cheers, RPS.)