Spellbreak is entering closed beta, and we've got 250 keys to give away

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Mage-based battle royale Spellbreak is entering closed beta on the Epic Store tomorrow (Tuesday, October 15). I played Spellbreak in alpha back in February and got a look at the improved closed beta build last week. If you're interested in taking part in the closed beta, we've got 250 keys to give away in the raffle you can sign up for below.

Please note, the keys given away in this raffle are only good for the closed beta of Spellbreak and do not grant access to the full game upon release.

To enter the raffle, just enter your email in the widget below. (Note: You'll have to type it twice, once to enter it and a second time to confirm it.) We won't see the email address you enter and Godankey won't save it—it is only used to send the key to the winners. The raffle will be active until Tuesday, October 15, at 7 am PDT, at which point it will close and we'll send out keys to the winners. Good luck!

Here's a direct link if you don't see the embed below.

Christopher Livingston
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