Spec Ops: The Line trailers return to ruined Dubai, introduce evil flaming doom tower

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Spec Ops: The Line has been AWOL for a while. When we first saw it, it was masquerading as a military man shoot featuring gruff soldiers doing war at each other in the bombed out ruins of Dubai. The Line has re-emerged, with a trailer and two montages showing some fire fights. The gruff men remain, and Dubai is still the setting, but there's a gruesome undertone to the ruins that wasn't there before. I'm pretty sure the giant evil flaming tower is also new. See footage of the game in action below.

In previous Spec Ops: The Line demos, the shifting sands beneath your soldier's feet could chew up objects and enemies and move cover around the map. There's not much of that on show in the two video montages below, but there is a lot of shouting, and shooting, and slightly forced banter. It could be interesting. The real Dubai looks like a place designed by a mad game developer, after all. Spec Ops: The Line is due out next year.

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