Spacebase Startopia has been delayed until 2021

(Image credit: Kalypso Media Digital)

Just over a month out from its launch date, nostalgic space station sim Spacebase Startopia has been delayed and won't be appearing on October 23. 

This could be a result of beta feedback. The closed beta kicked off in July for anyone who preordered the game. Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios haven't mentioned any specifics, just that it needs more polish and won't be appearing until spring next year. 

"The new release date will allow for more development time to further polish the game," the update reads, "ensuring that it reaches the highest quality level possible and meets the high expectations of fans and beta testers. In addition, the delay means that the game can launch in more territories and on more platforms from day one." 

I liked what I saw a hands-off demo at Gamescom last year, though I was surprised just how closely it stuck to the original Startopia, which Kalypso doesn't actually have the rights to—this is an unofficial spiritual successor, despite everything, including the name, being almost identical. 

Given the dearth of space station sims and my love of Startopia, however, I'm OK with Spacebase Startopia not fiddling with the formula too much. I think. It has been a wee while since I played its inspiration. I guess I'll find out if it still holds up next year. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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