Space Hulk's latest free update includes new campaign to show fan appreciation

In a nod to its fans, indie strategy game Space Hulk has released a new—and free—three-mission campaign as part of its latest patch which went live today. The appropriately titled Messenger of Purgatory campaign surfaces as part of update 1.2, which also addresses the game's optimization, visuals, and a variety of other improvements, according to its official changelog .

"We have had both a rough start as well as great support from all of you," the developers report in the changelog. "So we decided to give you this one for free as a big THANK YOU!!"

Set—as always—in the Warhammer 40k universe, the new Space Hulk missions send you on the hunt for the remains of Captain Atarius. Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of the game's developer Full Control, highlighted player feedback in his comments about the patch in the official press release today: “This game update addresses many of the fan requests and suggestions that continue to hone and refine the experience of Space Hulk."

For some more background on Full Control's PC translation of the classic board game, check out our preview of the turn-based strategy game.

Hat tip, Joystiq .