New Jagged Alliance game coming from Space Hulk developer

Per the cool cats at Eurogamer , Danish studio Full Control has announced that the company has signed a licensing agreement with bitComposer Games to develop and publish a new (hooray), turn-based (hooray), multiplatform (hmm) game in the Jagged Alliance franchise.

"Jagged Alliance fits perfectly into our company strategy and portfolio as the game to do after we ship Space Hulk," Full Control boss Thomas Hentschel Lund said. "It is one of the three games besides X-Com and Fallout that really defined the entire genre and is part of our DNA."

Jagged Alliance first emerged in 1994, the franchise peaking with Jagged Alliance 2 in 1999, which was considered one of the best turn-based games of its time. Last year's reboot from Coreplay GmbH , Jagged Alliance: Back in Action , received mixed reviews.