Space Hulk: Deathwing gets new weapons and huge list of improvements in latest update

In his review last year, Tom described Space Hulk: Deathwing as an "accomplished piece of fan service" whose "excitement fades fast", and, having dived briefly into its co-op, I too came away slightly underwhelmed. Yes, there's fun to be had laying waste to innumerable hordes of alien baddies with a pal—but there are a number of games out there that manage it better. Deathwing's latest update, however, casts a wide net in its bid to improve a number of its shortcomings. 

Speaking specifically to multiplayer, everything from voice chat being activated at all times, to adjustments to reload animations has been improved. The game's minimap now updates automatically, and a bug that closed doors other than the one the player was interacting with has now been fixed (which naturally makes pegging it from extraterrestrial foes when outnumbered a whole lot easier).

Single player mode has been treated to a similar number of nips and tucks, as has sound, menu, graphics and stability options. The update also focuses on more tangible player-led alterations such as: all multiplayer classes bar Assault have received extended weaponry, while both the Heavy Flamer and HellFire weapons have been added to multiplayer. Furthermore, Genestealers Psykers can now teleport; and the Genestealer Warrior-strain can now launch a thorax swarm upon death. 

Full patch notes for Space Hulk: Deathwing's latest update can be find in this direction. And from now through March 17, Space Hulk is subject to a 33 percent discount on Steam where it costs £20.09/$26.79.