Space Engineers gets moddable, destructible planets

Space Engineers

Hoping to win the prize for "biggest feature implemented as a result of early access player feedback", creator Keen Software House has added entire planets to its game Space Engineers.

Space Engineers has been in Early Access for two years and was originally intended to be a physics-based "Minecraft in space" type affair, in which you mined asteroids and built spaceships and space stations. "Planets weren't part of our initial development plans," CEO Marek Rosa said, "But we quickly realized how passionate fans are about it."

Rosa also added that the team's aim is "always to make our community happy", which would explain why they've added a survival mode, multiplayer support, and now the long-requested ability to land on and explore planets.

Different planets (currently split into three types: Earth-like, Mars-like, and "alien") have different biomes with different atmospheres, resources, and climates. You'll be able to build bases or entire cities and try to survive, fight aliens/pirates/drones, or if you're in the mood destroy the planet entirely.

If you're tempted to give Space Engineers a go now, make sure to check out the full list of features so you know what to expect.