Soviet city-builder Workers & Resources has planes and tourism now

Perhaps one of the most impressively detailed city building games out there right now, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a bit bigger and more detailed with the introduction of airplanes, tourism, and the industrial resources to support them. The newest update adds airports, airplanes, and airplane production factories. The aluminum industry is also now in, with the mining of bauxite ore, processing into aluminum oxide, and finishing added to the already-extant resource supply chains. Tourism has popped up as well, with amusement parks and hotels for people to visit your country.

Workers & Resources has been building on itself for a little over a year now in its Early Access release on Steam. Over the course of this year the developers have added factory infrastructures, nuclear power, seasons, ships and shipbuilding, and now planes. This update nearly finalizes the sound effects, as well as adding the first iteration of a building editor, for those of us who don't have innate 3D modeling skills.

This is an intensely challenging city builder, one which has you manage every aspect of an economy, from exports and trade to production of concrete for construction. It's neat to have another layer of action added to Workers & Resources, and at first blush the tourism is a neat way to employ a population that's not in a factory or extractive industry. 

You can find Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Steam (at 20% off for the winter sale) and on the official website of developers 3Division, an indie studio out of Slovakia. 

An image of a seaside resort and hotel from Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. There are umbrellas long the beach and a ferris wheel in the background.

(Image credit: 3Division)

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