Sons of the Forest weapons and gun locations

Sons of the Forest - a player holds up a crossbow
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Sons of the Forest isn't just about surviving the great outdoors, it's also about tangling with horrific cave monsters and cannibals. You're going to want to load up on all the weapons you can find, including a selection of guns, bows, and some weirder melee options. We'll list all the premade lootable weapons (not the crafted ones) for you here along with their general locations, which you can also reference on the interactive Sons of the Forest map. Below that, we'll go over the specific locations for some of the best weapons you'll want to add to your arsenal. 

All Sons of the Forest weapon locations

Swipe to scroll horizontally
SlingshotOutside the cave where you find the shovel on the body of a staked person.
Stun gunInside the cave where you find the rebreather on the right path of the cave.
RevolverNortheast GPS point of interest in maintenance shaft C.
PistolOff the coast of the west beach in an orange raft marked by a purple GPS locator.
ShotgunNorthwest purple GPS locator, by digging up a grave.
CrossbowSame cave as the VIP keycard in a hydroponic garden room.
GuitarIn the same cave as the guest keycard inside the night club.
Compound bowSouthwest corner of the island at the green GPS point of interest in maintenance shaft B.
Tactical axeContained in your starting gear with the GPS.
Firefighter axeInside the cave with the maintenance keycard on the wall in a glass case.
Modern axeIn a cannibal camp outdoors across the stream from the maintenance shaft where the maintenance keycard is found.
Utility knifeContained in your starting gear with the GPS.
MacheteStuck in an inflatable raft on the beach east of the rebreather cave.
Stun batonStuck inside a pile of skulls outside near the rope gun cave.
CrossIn the rope gun cave on the right side of the first main cavern.
KatanaLevel 2 of the green GPS point of interest in the southeast corner of the map.
PutterSeveral can be found on the golf course in the northeast corner of the map.
ChainsawInside the same cave as the guest keycard.

Sons of the Forest slingshot location

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The slingshot, which can be loaded with small rocks, is found on one of the three staked bodies outside the cave with the shovel. It's an easy one to find early if you aren't quite ready to hunt down the proper projectile weapons.  

Sons of the Forest pistol location

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You'll find the pistol out on the same raft that's marked by one of the GPS locators. It's beside a dead body offshore of the beach on the western coast of the island. There are sharks out here in the ocean waiting to chomp on you before you reach the inflatable raft. You'll find the pistol on top of a brochure. 

There's another pistol on the southeast corner of the island in a cave marked by a green GPS point of interest beside a large lake. This one requires a maintenance keycard to get though, so I took my luck with the shark raft.

Sons of the Forest revolver location

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The revolver is over on the northeast side of the island in maintenance shaft C, marked by another green point of interest pip on your GPS. Over at the golf course survey site, dig at the dirt spot between a few surveying tripods to find the access hatch. Head down the long dark hallway and into the first door on your right into a dark, empty room. The revolver is on the ground beside a dead body, ladder, and drill. 

Sons of the Forest shotgun location

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The shotgun is also found on one of the GPS locators. It's inside the grave in the northwest corner of the island, which requires the shovel to uncover. Grab this one in the summer or spring seasons if you can. I ran into an issue in the autumn where the fallen leaves prevented me from grabbing anything out of the grave after I'd dug it up. 

There's a second shotgun on the eastern coast of the map at a green GPS point of interest. You'll need the VIP keycard to get into the double door facility here, so take your pick on whether grabbing that or the shovel for the grave is quickest. The shotgun is laying on the top of the bar in the big entertaining room.

Sons of the Forest crossbow location

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The crossbow, and a lot of bolts for it, can be found in the same cave as the VIP keycard, the green GPS pip in the northwest corner of the island. The crossbow is in the arms of a dead body between some shelves in one of the hydroponic garden rooms. That's before you get to the flooded rooms, mind, so if you're wading through water you've missed it. Make sure to grab all the crossbow bolts sticking out of the walls and shelves in this room before you go and always collect them again after you've shot something. 

Sons of the Forest compound bow location

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The compound bow is found in the southwest corner of the island. You'll be digging at a survey site surrounded by golf carts once again, so the shovel is a requirement. It happens to be right next to a cannibal camp, so don't overlook it. The compound bow is in another bunker living space all the way in the backroom next to a dead body. Like the crossbow, be sure to collect your arrows after a fight so you don't run out of ammo. 

Sons of the Forest stun gun location

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The stun gun is a super handy tool for dealing with multiple enemies. Stun those suckers if you want to create a bit of distance. The taser is located in the same beach cave as the rebreather. You'll take the opposite path this time, heading to the right side of the cave illuminated by a light on the ground when you see a fork in your path. Continue on past quite a few enemies and a radio hanging from the ceiling. You'll find the stun gun also hanging from the ceiling beside a dead worker's body at the dead end of this path. 

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