Sonic may have just taken the crown for the coolest-ever Lego set

Sonic the Hedgehog's new Lego set, Loop Challenge.
(Image credit: Sega / Lego)

Sonic, please forgive me for all the times I've poo-pooed your games. Because holy hell, you sure do make for a cool-ass Lego set.

Yep, the blue blur has teamed up with Lego to create four new sets that are due to release this August. It's not the first time the two have collaborated—the toy brick brand released a Green Hill Zone set back in 2021. We're actually getting another Green Hill Zone set with this new batch of releases, but if you ask me this new rendition is significantly cooler. The "Loop Challenge" set comes with—as the name suggests—a loop, as well as other pieces to create a course. A hamster-wheeled Sonic can be strapped to a spring catapult and launched across the kit and straight into a meched-up Dr. Eggman. 

It's easily my favourite—and I imagine it'll be the favourite of many others—but cool contraptions come at a price. It's the most expensive of the four coming in at $99.99 / £94.99. It does come with a fair few character figures, though: Sonic can be freed from his hamster ball chamber, Dr. Eggman can be pulled from his mech, and Amy is included, too. It comes with a few creatures too, like a flicky, pocky and badniks chopper.

The other three sets are a little easier on the old bank account. "Amy's Animal Rescue Island" is an adorable set with a sandcastle, waterfall and a Tails figure to accompany Amy, with the option to set up a small trap for the included badniks chopper. "Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane" includes Sonic's sidekick and his iconic aircraft, while "Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge" is a condensed version of the more expensive loop course. It has Sonic in his spherical prison again, but with a smaller selection of pieces to catapult him under and over.

They're all pretty low on the brick count thanks to larger set pieces and more interactive play, something to bear in mind if you're someone like me who craves sets with tons of tiny intricate pieces. Here's each set, their price and the number of pieces included:


  1. Sonic's Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge || $99.99 / £94.99 || 802 pieces
  2. Amy's Animal Rescue Island || $49.99 / £46.99 || 388 pieces 
  3. Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane || $39.99 / £37.99 || 376 pieces 
  4. Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge || $34.99 / £24.99 || 292 pieces 
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