Sonic Forces showcases fast and flashy Casino Forest Zone

Announced at the same San Diego Comic Con event last year, Sonic Forces follows Sonic Mania—the retro-inspired gem (emerald?) that landed earlier this year. The former is due November 7, and now showcases one of its grittier, 'Classic Sonic'-starring 2.5-dimensional worlds: Casino Forest Zone. 

In something that sort-of echoes both Sonic 2's Casino Night and Aquatic Ruin zones, the blue hedgehog is seen pinballing around a colourful arena filled with rings, pinball bumpers, and spring mechanisms, all against a typically Sonic soundtrack.

As someone who enjoyed Mania's reimagining of a series now over 26 years old, I much prefer Classic Sonic as he appears above. But I don't really care for the muted foreground colour scheme. I like my Sonics vibrant and flashy and garish, and if I'm to enjoy Forces it'll be in the zones that mimic the originals. 

That's not to say this isn't for you, though—which is something you can decide for yourself either way when Sonic Forces lands on November 7, 2017.