Sonic Forces celebrates launch day with fast-firing launch trailer

Unlike its retro-inspired 2D sibling Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces has taken a darker, more serious approach to its marketing over the last several months. Sega has now dropped the latter's launch trailer—and while I'm personally not into the overarching melodrama, I do think the slivers of in-game footage on show look pretty neat. 

Shall we look at the launch trailer first? Let's do that:

Admittedly, I'm a fan of old school Sonic dating back to the '91 original. In the early games, story gave way to platforming, ring stealing, Robotnik-bashing, and Chaos Emerald collecting—which is why I think these games are best portrayed in break-neck speed motion, as featured briefly above, and in the likes of here and here.

Like any other enduring games series, I appreciate that Sonic needs to evolve but I'm less interested in how Sonic is going to save the world beyond how he outperforms his nemeses from one level to the next. 

But maybe I'm just being old and grumpy. If you prefer darker, moodier Sonic, then please feel free to tell me off in the comments below. 

In any event, Sonic Forces is out now for £34.99/$39.99.