Someone made a model of the Stardew Valley wizard's tower from garbage and it looks amazing

I wish I had a morsel of the patience that miniature model makers have. The ingenuity that goes into crafting these tiny worlds is pretty impressive, and Studson Studio's miniature of Stardew Valley's wizard's tower is proof of that. Studson has taken the 2D pixelart home of Pelican Town's local wizard and transformed it into a 28mm tabletop scale model.

Studson's step-by-step video explains how they made the tower and it's very much a case of turning trash into treasure. A surprising amount of materials used are bits of rubbish—soap dispenser seals, plastic wrappers and the like—and they add a crazy amount of detail to the model. 

Out of all the miniature's details, my favourite thing is the roof. Studson had to place each roof shingle individually (which you can see in the video) and craft the wizard's comically large telescope that sticks out of the observatory's window.

Studson's wizard tower isn't just for decoration though, it cleverly doubles as a secret container. The foundation of the model is an empty jar and the roof can be taken off letting you place things inside. It's the perfect size for stashing dice, your finest pens, secret notes, and emergency snacks.

Studson Studio has made a whole bunch of gaming-inspired miniature models including Donkey Kong's treehouse and Nook's Cranny from Animal Crossing. Head on over to Studson's YouTube page to check out all the videos and turn green with envy over their ingenuity.

Rachel Watts

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