Where to find soccer players in Fortnite for Neymar Jr quests

fortnite soccer characters
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Football icon Neymar Jr is finally in Fortnite season 6. The Brazilian National Team player has arrived with not one, not two, but four different outfits. The only catch is you'll A) need to own the battle pass and B) complete the Neymar Jr quests.

Perhaps the most important Neymar Jr challenge is to complete Neymar Jr quests from soccer characters. Fortnite continues to be a weird game. 

But who are those? If you don't know where to look, you can waste a lot of time scouring the map for the right NPC to chat with. We've done the legwork for you, so read on to find out where to find soccer characters in Fortnite.

Soccer character locations

soccer characters fortnite

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You'll find soccer characters in Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, and Dirty Docks. If you're having trouble finding them, just look for the dialogue box icon that floats above their head. You can always see that through walls and obstacles, so they're easy to spot as you glide into an area.

The Dirty Docks soccer character is located at the southeast portion of the area, sort of hidden away by some brick walls.

fortnite soccer characters

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The Holly Hedges soccer character is located at the southeast part of town, next to one of the larger homes. You'll see a half-sized soccer field.

The Pleasant Park soccer character is located in, you guessed it, the giant soccer field sitting in the middle of town.

All soccer characters act like normal NPCs, and you'll recognize them dressed in soccer jerseys and shorts. To start a quest from them, simply talk to them like any other NPC. You'll be given the choice of running 300 meters or scoring a goal. Frankly, it's probably easier to just accept the running quest and get out of there ASAP since it seems like these quests are very popular with other players who won't hesitate to eliminate you. It also seems like it's possible to lose the soccer ball toy if someone else kicks it away.

fortnite soccer characters

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Fortnite is giving players the new Neymar Jr loading screen as a reward for completing three soccer character quests, and the Neymar Jr skin (with black jersey) for completing 5 quests. You can check the other challenges in the Neymar Jr quests for the other cosmetics.

You can check our guide on how to get Neymar Jr in Fortnite for more walkthroughs.

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