SnowRunner is getting four phases of DLC and expanded modding support

SnowRunner hits the icy roads on April 28, and not long after developer Saber Interactive is going to start doling out the post-launch extras. Season pass and Premium Edition owners will get a trio of themed DLC 'phases,' followed by a final massive expansion, while everyone else will get new activities, skins and other freebies. 

The first season pass phase is Search & Recover, due out a few weeks after SnowRunner's release. You'll be able to drive through a new winter region in Russia, exploring several new maps, with new missions that include the hunt for a downed World War 2 bomber. Expect more vehicles and skins, too, along with some free additions. 

Explore & Expand will head to Canada, which contains several maps for some "very special missions." You'll be assisting in the construction of a new settlement, delivering cargo to workers so they can get on with building it. As you complete missions, you'll see buildings sprout from construction sites across the map. Along with new skins and special cargo types, Saber is also teasing new modding features and other "surprises" that it will reveal soon.

In Locate & Deliver, you'll be able to say goodbye to the snow and head to the much greener Wisconsin. The headline attraction is the return of logging from the original game. It comes with some big improvements over its predecessor, apparently, but it looks like we'll have to see what they actually are. 

The final phase is a expansion that's still under wraps. It's going to be the biggest of the lot, with more details appearing soon. 

Even if you skip the season pass, it looks like there will be a lot to keep you occupied. SnowRunner is launching with a trio of regions, with several maps each, 40 different vehicles and what looks like a pretty meaty endgame

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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