Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 trailer shows slow-mo shootouts

Sniper ghost warrior 3

In our review Andy said that Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 "feels like a rubbish stealth section dragged out across the length of an entire game". That's unfortunate, because the first game showed a little promise, and there's a dearth of good, dedicated sniping games out there. Could SGW3 surpass the gory Sniper Elite series?

It's not a great sign that the game doesn't seem to be running at a sensible framerate in its own trailer. Multiple approaches are promised, which is nice, but there there seems to be more slow-mo close-combat action than sniping. "Instead of just shooting your way out of trouble, you're actually fighting your way straight into it", says one of the devs—a risquie strategy for a sharpshooter.

The trailer does misrepresent the pace of the game somewhat. Check out the 24 minute E3 walkthrough that we saw a few months ago for a better sense of the size of the levels.

It's out June next year, and you can find out more on the official site.

Tom Senior

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