Sniper Elite V2 trailer shoots a man in the neck from quite far away

[bcvideo id="1103467385001"]

It's quite nasty when you imagine what a sniper's bullet actually does to its victim. Wait right there! Put that imagination away! Thanks to this new new Sniper Elite V2 trailer, you don't even have to pester your brain for a horrible mental image. It shows a man's neck being shot through in slooooow mooootionn, and even provides a handy X-ray cam so you can see precisely which vertebrae is severed by the shot.

Originally, Sniper Elite V2 was only destined for a console release, but Rebellion recently announced that they would be self-funding a PC version, which is great news, because we PC gamers are much better at shooting men in the neck from quite far away than those stick-sluggish console types.

Tom Senior

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