Sniper Elite 4 launch trailer flaunts perfectly timed chaos

"Timing is everything," says the deep-voiced narrator of Sniper Elite 4's launch trailer just as protagonist Karl Fairburne has slit an enemy fascist's throat, bombed another, and impaled one with a screwdriver through the skull. "There's a time to be stealthy," he says, "and a time to be lethal." You're not kidding. 

Set in 1943 Italy, Sniper Elite 4's plot immediately follows series forerunner SE3 and sees Office of Strategic Services agent Fairburne siding with Italian resistance against the Fascists—the game's interpretation of the Nazis—during WW2. The aforementioned brutality is but a glimpse of Fairburne's "cunning, adaptability, and ruthless precision", which is best portrayed here: 

Sniper Elite 4 is due this coming Tuesday, February 14. If season passes are your thing, this one's comes with the Target: Führer campaign mission which promises "over 30 ways" to eliminate your target, a camouflage rifle skin pack, three further "huge" campaign missions, and three "content-stuffed" expansion packs—the latter of which will be released alongside the campaign missions and will include three new weapons, eight new weapon skins and two new characters. 

The Season Pass also includes three further weapon packs and three new characters for the game's co-op and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer maps and modes released after launch will be free to all players. 

Priced at £29.99/$34.99, the Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass is also available at launch.