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Skywind and Skyblivion mods get sexy new trailers

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Skywind and Skyblivion are fan-made projects that aim to rebuild the Elder Scrolls RPGs Morrowind and Oblivion within the confines of the more modern (and, let's face it, much prettier) Skyrim. Both have been in the works for quite some time: We got our first taste of Skyblivion in mid-2014, while Skywind dates all the way back to 2012. Rebuilding these sprawling worlds is obviously a slow, painstaking process, but the work continues, and the people behind each of them have recently released new trailers showing off their progress. 

First up is Skyblivion, with the "Familiar Faces" trailer, the title of which will make obvious sense very quickly. Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, and Sheogorath all put in appearances, but for my money it's the Adoring Fan who's the real star of the show. And he's come a long way from his original Oblivion look, hasn't he?

And then we have Skywind, which focuses more on the game world than its inhabitants, and for my money that makes it the better of the two. I think the Elder Scrolls peaked with Morrowind so there's obviously some bias at work here, but to me Skywind looks better developed, too. That may also be a result of the much greater leap forward that Skywind represents: Both games are well-aged, but Oblivion was a significant technological advancement over Morrowind, so the differences resulting from the move to Skyrim are less pronounced.

Skywind and Skyblivion are both part of the overarching Elder Scrolls Renewal Project, and you can follow along with their progress at

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