Skyrim mod Skywind recreates Morrowind, will include revamped crafting and voice acting

Skywind , the pleasing portmanteau of Skyrim and Morrowind , continues to look really, really good. Remaking Morrowind in Skyrim's engine is a mammoth task, and a new development video breaks down the many ways that a legion of volunteer modders, voice actors, and artists are bringing the Elder Scrolls classic into the modern age.

It's a lengthy video, but here are some highlights. A full crafting system is coming to Morrowind for the first time. Recipes for crafting will be found inside the game world in the form of books. Instead of unlocking a perk and instantly learning how to make a new suit of armor, you'll have to buy/borrow/steal a schematic from a working smith. And hey! Smiths in Skywind hold the red-hot metal the right way around now. Long live modding.

Voice acting is also being revamped, with volunteer writers and voice actors creating new, more natural dialog. Composers are pumping out new music, and each region in Skywind will have its own calling-card melody.

Skywind is as impressive as it is ambitious, so if you've got some skill and some free time, head to The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project to volunteer to help out.