Skyrim mod lets you clone an army of yourself

Earlier this year, I wrote about PsykotikKrymes' The Doppelganger Follower—a mod which lets you add yourself as a companion in Skyrim Special Edition. The creator's latest venture, Clone Conjuration, takes the idea one step further by letting you conjure an army of self-styled clones. 

Whereas as The Doppelganger Follower offers a permanent follower, Clone Conjuration summons twins of the Dragonborn to lead into battle. Court Wizards sell it, bandit mages drop it, or "if you're impatient", says PsykotikKrymes, the spell can be obtained from the food table in Dragonreach—"in the room with the cooking spit". 

Clones replicate your spells and shouts, but not your armour.

Furthermore, version 2.0 of Clone Conjuration comes with a twist. 

"2.0 adds a spell called Conjure ????," explains creator PsykotikKrymes. "This spell is fun but a gamble, when you cast you might conjure a giant, or a rabbit, goat, horse; but you also might get Ulfric, a Greybeard or a mud crab. It chooses from over 30 different NPCs/creatures when cast and still [uses] NO scripts."

Have fun with that. More information on PsykotikKrymes' Clone Conjuration can be found on its Nexus Mods page

Beware of giant donuts.