Skyrim: Hearthfire announced: buy land, build a house, adopt children

Skyrim's next slice of DLC will be Hearthfire, an add-on that will let you buy a plot of land, build a house, design its interiors and then adopt children to turn that house into an eternal prison home. It'll be out on September 4 on Xbox, so probably about a month after that on PC. It'll cost 400 MS points on the consoles, which equates to about £3.43 / 4.80 Euro / $5.

It looks as though there will be a bit of crafting involved in building your new abode, but once the roof's on you'll be able to start converting it into a monument to your mighty exploits. You'll get to show off the creatures you've slain by stuffing them or nailing them to your walls. Once you've created the most terrifying taxidermy diorama possible, you can adopt children and raise them among the corpses of your enemies. That's parenting, Dragonborn-style.

Here's the announcement trailer. I'm already mentally picking a spot for my plot. Hmmm, a bit of land among the silver birch forests near Riften would do rather nicely. What do you think?

Tom Senior

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