Skyrim Grandma's NPC follower mod will be out in early 2020

It was announced last year that Shirley Curry, better known by as the 80-year-old 'Skyrim Grandma' from her YouTube channel, was being made into an NPC follower mod in Skyrim. You'll get to hang out with Shirley sooner than you think because it's been revealed by one of the developers that the mod will be ready sometime early this year. 

One of the developers, phantom_scribbler on Reddit, has released a short teaser trailer and progress update about the development of the mod. Curry's NPC will be just like other follower mods and come with her own quests, interactions, observations and, of course, is voiced by Curry herself. She's going to be a classic barbarian with light armour using two-handed weapons and archery for ranged attacks—perfect for a granny who likes to brawl.  

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Curry unexpectedly launched herself into the spotlight after she started posting videos of her Skyrim playthroughs on YouTube. After her very first let's play she received 11,000 emails, becoming an internet celebrity overnight and getting the wholesome nickname of Skyrim Grandma.

Not only will Curry be immortalised in Skyrim, she is also going to appear as an NPC is The Elder Scrolls 6 as the result of a successful fan petition of 45,000 signatures. If you ever wanted to watch a Grandma take on a dragon in one video and then watch her tend to her Hygrengas in another, then I suggest you go check out her YouTube channel


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