Skydiving simulator Volo Airsport lets you plummet to the Earth from your desk

Volo Airsport

For the longest time, I've tangled with the strongest urge to don flying-squirrel pajamas and hurdle myself into a sea of azure. Lucky for me, Volo Airsport satisfies that from comfort of my desk chair. In development by indie designer Martijn Zandvliet under the studio name Ramjet Anvil, Airsport simulates wingsuit skydiving with elaborate controls and convincing aerodynamics.

Airsport's latest public alpha only uses an Xbox 360 controller (or a suitable emulator for a PlayStation 3 controller), but Zandvliet hopes for a keyboard/mouse solution soon for managing pitch, yaw, and individual wing adjustments as you dive. He also plans first-person view and wingside camera angles for style points. And yes, multiplayer support is also in the works -- because wrapping my skull around a conifer at terminal velocity is best done with a wingman.

Omri Petitte

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