Skyblivion mod to include Oblivion DLC, will be released for Skyrim: Special Edition

Morrowind is heading to The Elder Scrolls Online in an official capacity this June, however Skyblivion is an ambitious user-made mod that's been in the works for close to five years. As the portmanteau probably suggests, Skyblivion's aim is to bring Oblivion "to a new generation of gamers" by way of Skyrim's more sophisticated world and visuals. It's now dropped a new trailer named The Road Ahead which, alongside the following blurb, outlines where the hobbyist project is heading next. 

This comes off the back of the mod's impressive 'Return to Cyrodiil' short which launched last year—which the Skyblivion team say encouraged a number of new volunteers to sign up. When it does eventually arrive, Skyblivion will include the original game's main storyline, all of its side-quests and all of its  DLC, but the mod's creators will not release a public build until it feels ready to do so.  

"Here is a list of what’s new," reads a blurb featured in the above video's description. "More weapon sets have been created and the 3D department has started work on more environmental assets that will help us reshape the land of Cyrodiil for the better; our UI team has been hard at work creating a Oblivion inspired user interface which will allow us to give players more insight into their characters progression; and the landscaping team has made huge strides with recreating the vast landscapes of Cyrodiil. 

"The interior team has blown us away with the work they have completed on the interior locations so far, and their work will only be added upon in the future when we start adding more detail and clutter to them; quests are now at a stage where we can start implementing them thanks to our tech team; our nav-meshers have completed almost every corner of Cyrodiil; and our texture artists have finished big chunks of Cyrodiil’s textures." 

"Will this be released for the Skyrim Special Edition?" asks the mod team. "That's the plan. However at this point we don't know how much effort that's going to take but it'll wind up there one way or another."

If you're skilled in landscaping, lighting and/or recreating 3D assets, and fancy helping out, the Skyblivion team directs those interested this way.