Sir, You Are Being Hunted: an open world survival sim with robots, top hats, tea and terror

Sir, you are being hunted

Ever had that nightmare in which you're hiding in the undergrowth on a cold British moor, desperately trying to avoid the baleful gaze of a top-hatted, shotgun-carrying robot silhouetted against the grey horizon? No? Well, Big Robot are about to give it to you with their newly announced robo-survival sim, Sir You Are Being Hunted .

If robots with top hats don't interest you then the words "British indie STALKER" might. It'll be an atmospheric shooter in which you must avoid the violent attentions of an army of disturbingly well-mannered robo-gents and their mechanical hunting hounds. Hunted is described as "an experiment in the kind of intelligence required for robots to hunt each other – and you – in a dynamic open world."

It's a spin-off from Big Robot's other project, Lodestone , and will borrow some of its dynamic world-generation tech to create "a sinister reality where artificial gentlemen hunt humans for sport." Gulp.

There are regular developer diaries to come, as well as plenty more screenshots, videos and details. Keep an eye on the Big-Robot site for updates, and check out these first screenshots for look at Hunted's brooding landscapes.

Tom Senior

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