SimCity releases new Airship DLC with blimps, hot air balloons, and air commuting

SimCity has just released the new Airship DLC, sponsored by... oh, really? I'm being told it's not sponsored by anyone. Are we sure? I would have thought that a publicity blimp company... Oh. OK.

SimCity's new AirShip DLC isn't sponsored by anyone , but it adds event blimps, hot air balloon parks for wealthy layabouts, commuter airships, and a new tourist destination. Adding the airship hangar to your city brings in airship tourists from throughout the region, which is a nifty way to bring in the tourism dollars without snarling up traffic near the highway.

You can further alleviate lingering traffic problems in your city by adding commuter airship mooring, which will bring citizens to and from work via airship instead of commuter car. The ground has had its chance, but now it's time to capitalize on your sweet, undeveloped airspace .

The new airship system isn't just for work and business. The hot air balloon park is an entertainment destination for wealthy sims who are tired of looking down their noses at the city figuratively and are ready to make the leap to doing it literally. Blimps, meanwhile, will hover around the city reporting on special events and boosting attendance at concerts at your city stadium.

The AirShip DLC is available now through Origin for $9/£6.