SilverStone launches a mini Fortress


I'm a sucker for a small case, and I also happen to really like a lot of SilverStone's function-defining-from simple chassis. The Fortress FT-03 , for example, uniquely flipped the motherboard through 90 degrees so you can reach all those ports on the back of your PC without crawling under the table. Genius.

It was, however, a hulking giant cube of metal which wouldn't look out of place if a boatload of monkeys were running around it shaking their shinbones.

The latest version is half the size and, as a result, much more interesting.

Dubbed the Fortress FT-03 Mini , it's essentially the same case shrunk down to 40cm high and 20cm wide, ready for miniITX motherboards.

Crafted from 2.5mm thick anodised aluminium and available in black or silver, apparently there's room inside for graphics cards up to 10inches long (like the GeForce GTX 680). The PSU sits at the top of the case – cooling is designed around the principle that heat rises – and apparently there's vents on all four faces as well as the base.

Admittedly, it is a little large for a miniITX system, and will only accept small form factor power supplies . All the same, it does make me regret the fact that I've just rebuilt my work machine in a microATX chassis.

The FT-03 Mini will be available from today, with an RRP of $150. There's also a microATX model available.