Show us your Dragon's Dogma pawn and Arisen

Crazy Dan! and Inara, ready for adventures.

Crazy Dan! and Inara, ready for adventures.

Dragon's Dogma may not have the extensive character customization of a Bethesda RPG, but I still spent an hour at the start of my game designing the Arisen I'd be monster hunting with. I ended up with one of my favorite RPG hero designs: Inara, a tall, buff knife-wielding strider. When it came time to design my pawn, the AI party member who will be tagging along at my side, I wasn't quite sure what direction to go. I started by trying to design Duke Nukem, but it just wasn't going to work without the shades.

After spinning my wheels for awhile I created Crazy Dan!, inspired by a real guy I know named Dan. He's a little crazy. You can't tell from this picture how weird his chest and posture are underneath that cloak, but they're weird. He's basically an inverse hunchback with a stubby old man body, if an old man was inexplicably extremely muscular.

I hope people like Crazy Dan!, because the popularity of your Dragon's Dogma pawn really matters. Every time you rest at an inn, your pawn's data is uploaded online, and they can go on adventures with other players, then return with money, gifts and knowledge from other players. That's pretty cool. I hope Crazy Dan! gets to go on some good adventures.

I'm sure those of you playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen have already created some great pawns and heroes. Well, here's a chance to show them off! Drop us a link to a picture of your pawn (and/or Arisen) in the comments below. Tell us about them. You may find a pawn from a fellow PC Gamer you want to hire in the process.

We'll collect our favorites and show them off next week. Your pawn could become a star, the most in-demand warrior in the Rift.

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